Plex Library Scanning and Amazon

I’ve been reading that people have seen their Amazon Cloud Drive accounts locked because Plex is scanning it’s library causing remote files to be opened in order to get header data, and I’ve not been able to find any definitive information about this.

I’m concerned the same thing will happen to me, so I did a test. I assumed that doing a full library scan would take quite some time to do using the rclone mount. But, with my library (500+ movies and 4000+ TV shows), the scan takes less than 10 seconds.

Does anybody know if Plex omits this step of diving into the file if it already has this data in its database? Possibly only deep scanning the files if they’re new?

I guess I’m looking for the best way to both keep my library up-to-date and keep the Plex Scanner away from ACD.

just disable “extensive media analysis” , “video preview thumbnails” & “chapter thumbnails” and you should be fine.