Plex library optimize - Gdrive


Does your process move the AAC track to the first slot after the video track in the mkv file?


Streams are mapped “as is” (excluding unsupported streams), no streams are remapped. The audio stream is commonly the first stream after the video though.


Also, is there a way to copy the video stream therefore, just creating the AAC track?


What do you mean?


I want to copy the video track (no encoding) and just create a AAC audio track.


Sorry, I don’t understand why you want to achieve that. Copying the video stream without any encoding is fine, this is already doable…but why do you want to just create an AAC audio track? If the source file has both a video stream and audio stream and you want the video to remain unencoded but want the audio stream to be encoded into AAC, then that’s fine, that’s what Plexus does.


I don’t want to just create a AAC track. For example:
Track ID 0: video (MPEG-4p10/AVC/h.264)
Track ID 1: audio (E-AC-3)
Track ID 2: subtitles (SubRip/SRT)

Copy the video track (no matter what codec it is)
Create a AAC track, because one does not exist.
Re-order the AAC track to make it ID 1 (which you cannot do)


By default, if you put that file through Plexus, the audio track would be encoded into AAC. If that’s not what you mean, then I can only assume that you want to duplicate the audio track…but I’m not sure why you would want to do that.


I don’t want to re-encode the video, no matter what codec it is.
I just want to copy the video 1:1 and create an AAC track.


@habskilla Okay, but what I’m asking is why you want to create an AAC track? That seems pointless. Without a reason behind it, there’s no reason to implement such functionality. As I explained in a previous comment, you can use the encode function in audio-only mode which will just re-encode the audio streams into AAC, perhaps this is what you’re looking for?


Not really…

Thanks for your patience and help


@habskilla Okay, but could you then explain exactly what it is you’re looking for and why? Maybe then we’ll be able to get to the bottom of this.


@Wolveix what would be the command to list only files that don’t have h264?

I’m using the following:
plexus list -l /opt/plexus/listfile.txt -d /mnt/gdsa07/movies -m /mnt/gdsa07/ -v h264 -a ""
But it looks like it adds files that already have h264. Is it becaause that command list them because the container is mkv?

thank you


Hey @soy_titooo!

Yes, the container would be the reason. Either set your preferred container via the -c flag or set your default container within the configuration file/function (this is mkv by default). You should also be able to specify -c "" to disregard the container.


@Wolveix Came across this thread and plexus. How do you incorporate optimized version in plex itself, not to be confused with multiple versions.

As far as I know optimized versions are embedded in database, does plexus do this?


@Clckwerk Plexus doesn’t directly touch Plex itself, it just interacts with your media collection. By default, it will convert and then overwrite your media file. If you disable overwriting, a second version will be placed in the media file’s directory with a [Plex Encode] suffix.