Plex & eBooks - Issues with rclone

Hello rclone users,

having problems with eBooks stored on GSuite Drive mounted with rclone...

Issue: When the eBooks are Stored over RClone Plex having problems to extract Covers out of id3tag or "cover.jpg" files in eBook folders...

When i move the eBooks to an local drive it works finde... i know rclone are slower than local storage but i think this must mork also, just slower... so far it works...

i use RClone v1.51.0 with an Ubuntu VPS


You'd have to share your mount command and a debug log of the issue.

Here is my mount command

rclone -v mount --log-file /home/hd3/massaguana/rclone.log --user-agent="jX3xrLAY" --allow-non-empty --allow-other --cache-db-purge GSuiteCacheCrypt: ~/mnt/GSuite &

here are logs out of this mount commanb

rclone.log (2.3 MB)

Does plex give an error message? If so what is it?

We really need a log with -vv so it has the DEBUG in. Can you try to make one with just the issue in it so it isn't too long?


No, plex doesn't give errors. I just don't see any covers being displayed.

I will try to put the problem into short logs

What is the best way to add larger logs?

Share a drive link maybe?

okay, i have change my rclone mount from "cache" to "vfs-cache" with "mergerfs" and it works that Plex can use the id3tag Cover

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