Plex Cloud - what's your experience like so far?

Is anyone using it?

I’m trying it out with unencrypted files. Using Rclone (upload) + Gdrive (storage). 7TB of files.

My experience so far is that it’s faster on initial playback and for seeking, compared to crypt+acd. Downloading from gdrive is faster than ACD. The gdrive is one of those $5 specials on ebay, so I’m assuming it’ll get deleted in a couple of months but I want to see if google will ban my account before then.

If you’re using Plex Cloud, what’s your experience been thus far?

Pretty much matches yours. I’m using it with Rclone (upload) + Gdrive. Under 3TB library.

Everything is faster than my Linode + Rclone + ACD setup; under 5 seconds to start playing, I can skip ahead, restart a stopped movie from the middle (something I’ve never had working with ACD), etc.

I’ve been using Plex Cloud and Google Drive for more than 2-3 months now, I was one of the first users get the invite, so far it’s very good and it’s fast.

At the beginning it had lots of bugs but now it’s very stable, I know sometimes it take time to start the server or sometimes it take forever to get the media content after library scan, but it will do the job.

I have more than 65Tb right now on Google and so far everything is smooth and I never get any ban so far, thank god :slight_smile:

P.S. I even had 6 streaming with it, but right now I read in FAQ that you can only have 3 transcode stream on it, so you have to consider that too when you using it.

65 tb unencrypted on Google Drive? Wow…

Crikey. I just ditched GDrive because over 1TB was prohibitively expensive - it was like £100/month or something absurd. How much does 65TB cost?!?! Surely renting a VPS server or even buying a NAS would be cheaper?

Check for G suite:



About the security:



Ah, right. You have to pay for 5 licences though, right? So €40/month. Not that bad then, although Amazon Cloud drive is only about €15 more than that per year, but I’ve read they’ve come down pretty hard on Plex Cloud users with unencrypted ‘dodgy’ content.

NAS still feels like the preferable option to me, but I suppose it depends on your connection…

Google has never enforced the 1TB/user. I only pay for one account ($5/mo) and have 8TB in Drive so far.

I believe you never read any of the stuff in this forum or anywhere else.

So GDrive Suite, you will get it for $10/month and it’s unlimited storage, and it says you have to have 5 users but it’s not enforcing it, so technically most of us have one account and using it unlimited.

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I’ve been considering trying it without encrypting. I’m just worried if too many people start using it (just my family) it will get banned. I get free unlimited with my edu account. Of course the big limiting factor for me is the ridiculously slow uploads speed.

You don’t get banned for usage of like viewing by other people, you mostly get ban when you have too much scan, which is better right no.

I just uploaded a bunch of stuff to Google and had plex scan it in today. It took around four hours to scan it in. According to vnstat it downloaded about 120GB from google during the scan. This was to scan in 7711 tv episodes.

I wasn’t using plex cloud but instead a rclone mount on my normal SYS server.

I did not receive a ban. The scan finished around 4 hours ago and I just tested downloading a file from Google in Safari and there was no ban.

edit:: I forgot to add there were about 500 movies in there too.