Plex auto library update & ACD

Hey guys ! I’m currently working on my PlexACD setup as many of you have already.
Basically, I had a SYS box as a usenet seedbox + Plex and it worked flawlessly.

I’m adding ACD in order to keep my files instead of purging them when the local storage needs cleaning.

rclone + crypt with union-fs over local + ACD seems to be the solution.

However, I was wondering about the ¨Plex automatic updates (everything is on the same server, so I let the scan happen).
As I have 3Tb on local storage, everything should be scanned on local before any copy / deletion.

Is there a risk of a ACD ban due to some settings hidden in Plex ?
Should i switch to a Plex manual update (using scripts like nzbToMedia or directly on Sickrage…) ?

Thanks for the help!

I’m not quite sure I understand but let me know if I’ve got this correct.

You want to add ACD into the mix so you don’t have to delete files off your local hard drive?

To implement this all you need to do is to use unionfs-fuse.

e.g. unionfs-fuse /mnt/acd=ro:/mnt/local=rw

Use Sonarr and Radarr and use the connect feature in order to have those two programs update your Plex server as new Movies/TV Shows are imported. Also create a script that will check disk usage when a new Movie/TV Show is imported that will pause your downloading/seeding and kick off an upload via rclone from local -> ACD. Once your media is uploaded Plex won’t know any different since it’s technically in the same path thanks to unionfs-fuse. Updating Plex automatically shouldn’t cause you any problems, but then again I’ve been using node-gdrive-fuse for mounting instead of rclone. As far as I’m aware though, there’s no issue with scanning ACD like there is with Google Drive.

Yeah sure, I know about union-fuse, done that with success.

The only part I’m not sure about is Plex best practices in order not to get banned :slight_smile:

For example, I read some posts saying that when remounting an ACD mount, the modification time of files could changed thus forcing a Plex automatic update.

But if there’s no ban on ACD because of Plex scan, i may just be paranoid !

Thnaks for the answer

ACD wont ban you due to many requests so nothing to worry about.

Allrighty then, let’s upload some on ACD :slight_smile:
Thanks !

node-gdrive-fuse does not update on changes you’ve made to your gdrive on other computers, or via the web ui if I recall correctly their is a file you have to delete (directory tree something) for node-gdrive-fuse to update it’s file tree listing. Do you have a cron job setup to delete that file regularly or scripting setup, or do you simple not make any changes from anywhere but your server where it’s all mounted?