Please support permistion full access

Hi Team,

I can't decentralization full access to user. Example:

User root mount my google drive

rclone mount vanphong:/BackupCameraVanPhong/ --drive-team-drive 0ACB8WKUM5hCGUkxxxx --drive-root-folder-id "" /backupcamera/vanphong/ --allow-non-empty
I login user test
and cd to folder
-bash: cd: backupcamera: Permission denied

How to rclone mount user root and copy/paste other user ?

Thank you very much.

I'd remove that.

If you use the help template and fill out the questions, it helps out fixing things as we don't have to gather information like what OS, what version, etc.

Are you running rclone user as the same user as the cd command?

If not you need to use --allow-other


This solution, saved my life :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :smiley:

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