Please help me understand folder layout on ACD


I’d really appreciate some guidance on folder layout on an encrypted ACD setup with rclone.

I’ve setup my ACD with the name ACD:

So when I upload I can do ACD: as the source and the encrypted folder name appears in the root ‘All Files’. If I use ACD:Backups/Computer 1then an encrypted folder name is made again, even if I’be already created these folder using the ACD web client.

I cannot seem to work out how to have a non encrypted folder name on the root ‘All Files’ which can then contain either further sub directories with encrypted folders inside or a more complex unencrypted path.

I would ideally like for example: All Files --> Backups --> Computer 1 --> Encrypted Folder name

Please can someone help?

Perhaps I haven’t set rclone up correctly as specified encrypted options?

Thanks :slight_smile:


If I understand you correctly, you want all your rclone-encrypted files to show under a single directory (“folders” are for GUI-enslaved wimps) on the ACD Web Client, right?

Then you will have to create that directory manually, and refer to it in the encrypted remote configuration, eg: remote = acd:directory_for_all_encrypted_files in .rclone.conf.

If what you want is to have the encrypted files showing under different directories on the ACD Web client, I don’t think you can do that with rclone (short of configuring a different remote for each directory, that is).

To be more precise: every directory mentioned after “encrypted_remote_name:” to rclone is encrypted itself, just like the files it contains.

Hope this helps.



That makes perfect sense - thanks for explaining that for me. I will edit my .rclone.conf file to specify the directory.

Just to add - I’ve changed the .rclone.conf as you suggested to; remote = acd:Computer1/ and it is working exactly as I need. I appreciate your help with this @durval

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Hello @adml,

Thanks for coming back to report your success, and glad I could help – you’re welcome! :slight_smile: