Please add new wasabi endpoint

there is a new endpoint for wasabi
Wasabi US East 2 (N. Virginia):

i am also contacting wasabi about this.


You can make an issue on github:


Or even better make a pull request to fix :grinning:

I think both me and @asdffdsa would like some hand-holding in the pull-requests. We want to contribute on the easier and more obvious stuff, but find the process confusing honestly. Could this be an idea for a sticky-post? Some of the general github guides I have looked at have been less-than-enlightening so I'm not sure if the setup here is slightly different - if the guide is out of date or what the deal is...

It just seems like this would be a good "investment" to get more pull-requests in the long run for you, thus lightening your load.

It isn't that easy making a pull request unfortunately!

I can write a step by step guide which will cover simple things, say editing a docs file.

It needs to use git which isn't the most user friendly command in the world.

It would go something like this (super abbreviated). There may be a GUI git which works well but I don't know how to use any of the GUI gits!

  • install git (link)
  • install go (link)
  • checkout the rclone source code: git clone URL
  • make a feature branch: git checkout fix-XYZ
  • edit the docs file in docs/content/*.md
  • when happy commit the file with: git commit
  • go to github, fork the rclone project
  • copy the source url of the fork
  • run : git remote add myfork URL
  • push your changes to the fork with: git push myfork
  • go to your fork then click make pull request
  • when your pull request is accepted fetch your changes back again
  • git checkout master
  • git pull

That would need expanding on what to do if your fix needs changing and expanding further on how to format go code and run tests.

Oh dear, are you telling me we need to install git just to edit a simple documentation text??..
Seems absurd that functionality wouldn't exist in the web...

I understand if adding code is more complex, but let's start with the simple stuff =P

It might be possible entirely on github for simple changes:

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