Permission Issue with Jellyfin Accessing Onedrive Directory

Hello everyone,

I'm encountering an issue with Jellyfin and would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Problem: Jellyfin is having trouble accessing the path /home/jelly/cloud_mount, and the error messages in the logs indicate a "Permission denied" problem.

I have verified and adjusted the permissions of the /home/jelly/cloud_mount directory using the following commands:

bashCopy code

chmod -R u+rwx /home/jelly/cloud_mount
chown -R jelly:jelly /home/jelly/cloud_mount

I've checked the user and group under which Jellyfin is running and ensured they have the necessary permissions.

Nov 28 21:15:45 vps-005a03f0 jellyfin[34256]: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path '/home/jelly/cloud_mount' is denied.
Nov 28 21:15:45 vps-005a03f0 jellyfin[34256]:  ---> System.IO.IOException: Permission denied

I'm using:
Debian 12, rclone v1.65.0, Jellyfin.Server

df -h
onedrive:       1.1T   29G 1001G   3% /home/jelly/cloud_mount

Thank you for your help.

Probably need --allow-other but you deleted our wonderful help and support template :frowning:

How so? I deleted?

Man, Thank you so much. Your're the guy.

Yep. When you posted, there was a long help and support template.

click new and you'll see it:

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