Permission errors for folders that I mean to have excluded

$ rclone \
--checkers 12\
--tpslimit 0\
--tpslimit-burst 1\
--drive-use-trash=false  \
--exclude-from /home/fred/BackupSetup/rclone/lists/home_exclude\
--max-size 35M\
--log-file /tmp/tmp.9Wkl2z9lSr\

ERROR : sysClone/nonHome/etc/sudoers.d/mintupdate: Failed to copy: failed to open source object: open /home/nicholas/sysClone/nonHome/etc/sudoers.d/mintupdate: permission denied [. . other output excised]

$ cat /home/fred/BackupSetup/rclone/lists/home_exclude | grep /Fred/sysClone

$ rclone --version
rclone v1.45
- os/arch: linux/amd64
- go version: go1.11.2

I have changed my user name to ‘Fred’ for purpose of this post.

I’m having a hard time following what you are trying to exclude.

Can you share the actual directory structure and what you are trying to exclude and I’m sure we can figure it out?

Thank you. Certainly.

$  ls
 aliases            Desktop     Mail           Public             Templates
 aptik              Documents   md5sums       'Router settings'   tmp
 BackupSetup        Downloads   Music          samba              Videos
 BootRepair         git         myIcons        scripts           'VirtualBox VMs'
'Calibre Library'   GNUstep     node_modules   services           winehq.key
 conky              KeePass     Pictures       sublime-text-3
 control            Launchers   Programming    sysClone

I am trying to exclude, for one thing, the whole sysClone folder (for the entry by that name in the ls above does name a folder rather than a file).

What’s the ‘pwd’ for that ls?


But some of the files in /home/fred/SysClone are readable only by root.

I believe you’d want your exclude to be:


If you are trying to exclude that directory

Ah, a single ‘*’ after the slash, rather than two. Testing . .

It turns out that the problem was not the double astericks but rather the following.

Rclone takes any folders I try to exclude as relative to the source path of my backup. Thus, since that source path is \home\fred, having - as I did - \fred\sysclone in my exclusion list was trying to exclude \home\fred\fred\sysclone (sic) (which does not exist) and not \home\fred\sysclone (which does exist).

Thank you for your help. RESOLVED.

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