Pause an active rclone sync so it can be continued later

I am syncing a large (10+ GB) file to Google Drive. I have a slow connection so it’ll take a while.

I was wondering if there is a way to pause rclone and then unpause later?

I know I can cancel the sync and then restart it but since rclone doesn’t support incremental uploads every time I cancel and restart it will have to start over.

I know in Linux I can pause (stop) a process but I don’t know enough about rclone to know how nicely it’ll play.

If you are uploading a large file to drive, it will be uploading it in segments. So if you STOP the process, you’ll probably lose 1 segment and it will restart when you CONT the process.

That is what I’d like to think would happen anyway :wink: Let us know what does happen if you try it!

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Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case. I'm on a connection that resets every 60 mins and unfortunately the file I am working with takes about 70 minutes to transfer so I've had several attempts fail at about ~80-90% completion.