Path not accessible while remote mounted

I planned to switch my RPi3 for an Odroid N2 because I thought the power of the RPi3 would just be too less for emby.

So that also means I have to switch from Raspbian to another OS. I am not that familiar with linux so I decided to use Debian Buster, which someone in the hardkernel board provides. And I thought that might be as equal to Raspbian as possible to make things easier for me.

My problem is, that as soon as I mount a remote, the rights of the mount folder change and I can't access it anymore, even when using root user. Whereas as the user rclone which I created only to mount the remote, I can still access the folder.

Before mounting ls -l with rootuser gives me this information:
drwxr-xr-x 2 rclone rclone 4096 Jan 22 16:53 gsuite

And while mounting this:
d????????? ? ? ? ? ? gsuite

Actually I don't know if that issue is related to rclone or if I'm just facing this because of the debian version I use.

It is best not to mount as a root user. So mount as the same user that you are running the things that access the mount.

You can also use --allow-other.

That's why I added a user named rclone without sudo rights to mount the remotes.
Works perfectly on raspbian but on this particular Debian build it doesn't.

If I mount as root user, I can't access the mount as rclone user.
If I mount as rclone user, I can't access the mount as root user. Which by the way is interesting because I thought root user would always be able to access every path and folder.

For testing proposes I didn't use any options to mount the remotes. So I also didn't use --allow-other. I give that a try.

Edit 2:
The missing of --allow-other was obviously causing the issue for me. Will Report back, if smb access is also possible.
Thank a lot!

Fuse is a user space mount so you need to specify that others can access it and that is done by using allow-other.

On most seedboxes, they don't allow it as everyone can see your mount. Generally, running things as root is not recommended as it runs as an elevated user that usually is not needed.

I thought uncommenting user_allow_other in the fuse.conf would do the job. But obviously it didn't :wink:

Yep, that only gives you the ability to use it. You still need to configure the application to use it.

Thanks for pointing that out and for the helping answers!

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