Password and Salt don't work on encrypted GDrive remote

I think I’ve made a bit of a basic mistake on one of my remotes. I still have access to the encrypted remote but essentially my password and salt do not seem to work when I configure them in another instance of rclone on a different system. If I run an ‘lsd’ command I just get a blank result which I’m guessing just means the password(s) are wrong and it can’t decrypt?

Edit: Added -vv to my command line and am getting ‘Skipping undecryptable dir name: Bad PKCS#7 padding - too long’ which I think confirms my suspicion that the password is wrong.

I am able to copy the encrypted password and password2 lines from the config on the system that is working into the config on the system which isn’t and an ‘lsd’ does then work. My question is what’s the best way to resolve this? Will I need to reconfigure the remote with a new top level folder on both instances and sync the files? I don’t think it’s a good idea to rely on the encrypted copies of the passwords from the config.

I think that usually means you have the wrong password unfortunately.

I created a new remote on 1.46 with the same password/salts and no issues in my test.

I thought that would be the case. Worth an ask though.

@ncw is it still possible to get the passwords back if you have valid encrypted copies from a config file? Otherwise I will have to set up a new top level directory and start syncing across once I’ve triple checked the passwords this week. :joy:

You can copy the config files without issue as well but you won’t know what the actual password is.

Hello dbsw,

It is possible to recover the incorrect password and salt from your rclone config, the passwords are just obfuscated, not encrypted. The method is kind of a “secret” though, because it could undermine the usefulness of the obfuscation in the first place.
If you want, you can pm me, and I can share what I know.

Unfortunately, even if you get the password/salt back, there is no way to correct the password/salt without creating a new remote and moving everything over. :frowning:

As Animosity022 mentioned, you can also just transfer your working config file to each computer you want to access it from.

Good luck though,

Thanks to everyone who helped. I had 1 character copied incorrectly in one of the 2 passwords - I’ve updated my records now and don’t have to resynchronize that remote. :grin:

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