Options from command line into rclone.conf ???

Can the options from command line go into rclone.conf??

And if there are options in command overload the ones in .conf

It’s a mess to put them in diferent files


Can you give some examples of what you are trying to do and what is difficult?

Only options that are specifically to configure a backend (remote) can be set in the config (see the documentation for how the syntax is for each option because it's a little different to how you type them in the commandline). Like for example the chunking size for Gdrive.

General options not for a spesific backend (like --fast-listfor example) can currently not be put as as a standard in the config - although NCW (main author) has said he is aware of this and will eventually provide a way to do this. I got the impression that it work-intensive restructuring in the code, so it may not be an immediate priority.

Commandline options seem (based on my experience) to overload the ones set in the config yes. I've used this many times and gotten the results I expect. I also think if you set the same option twice in a command-line the last one will always overload the other.

For now you kind of just have to live with it or work around it by maybe setting up some scripts for common tasks and such. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some "command-line magic" you could use easily insert a string (where you have all your defaults) into a command so you don't have to type them every time you use rclone manually - but I am not a commandline wizard by any means. If you are on Linux then possibly Animosity can suggest something here as Linux bash is pretty flexible.

There are some ideas for how this might be implemented here:

Your comments on that would be appreciated.

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