Option to disable opening browser

I'm a developer and I use several browsers at the same time. When configuring a new remote, rclone launches my default browser, in which I'm not logged in. I want to open its link in a different browser.

Any chance for an option to not launch the browser automatically?

For another OSS project, this was a very popular request form developers and Facebook granted it.

rclone prints the link so you can always open that link in another browser - that is what I do.

What would the UI for that be?

From what I've seen, rclone config did print the link, but after launching the default browser. I would like it to just skip launching the browser.

The UI option could be that in non-auto mode, it doesn't attempt to launch the browser at all. Most terminals hyperlink links anyway, so it's easy for manual mode users to Ctrl+click on the link if they want to launch the default browser. Others in my situation would copy the link and paste it.

On a Mac, if I run through the config and pick headless, it automatically launches my default browser.

Do it does...

This is a problem with the google drive workflow which doesn't need rclone authorize to work.

Can you please make a new issue on github about this and I'll fixup in due course - thanks :slight_smile:

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