Optimal self hosted storage solution to use with rclone union?

I would like to consolidate my storage using rclone union with encryption. I currently have an NFS share, a cloud provider and would like to rent another linux server with lots of disks.

Can you recommend a storage solution I should set up which works well (fast) over the internet? Should I go for nfs, smb, webdav? S3 Buckets using minio? Any other recommendations?

Mainly big files are used, 500Mb+

Thanks in advance and thanks for a great product!

What do you want to use union for? To create data mirroring in the cloud? Or to combine multiple cloud storage into one?

Both. I want to have a single endpoint on my (server1) using rclone. This should combine all storages into one and I would like to have most data on the new rented (server2) with caching, etc.

IMHO the best choice is S3 if you know how to setup and manage S3 server. nfs/smb/webdav are no go for Internet. If you have ssh access you could also use sftp - this is the easiest.

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