Opendrive support

Why not just mount it as webdav and then use rclone for crypt?

Is there any restriction?

Tried to mount it as webdav and push over files from rclone mount or direct with rclone but server stops responding after starting this :frowning:

What about just cp for a bunch of big files?

Their WebDAV works bad, there should be a limit of 10GB(said from their support) but seems that, for a bug that I already reported, the actual limit is 1GB.

I tried this with davfs2 on a Scaleway server and it blocked the machine so I had to reboot it, twice.
Gave up after that :dizzy_face:

Same here :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, is it possible, to increase OpenDrive chunk size? —Drive-chunk-size=128M do not work, the size is still 10M :frowning:

This isn’t configurable at the moment. Fancy sending a pull request to implement --opendrive-chunk-size ?