Opendrive support

Are there any plans to support opendrive? They have an well documented api so maybe there’s a way to build this into rclone.

I think most of us use acd and gdrive to store their files but a 3rd backup would be great and they offer unlimited storage for <10$/month.


Flexible Pricing: We’ll Match Any Competitor’s Price on Comparable Plans

Maybe they will match the ACD deal?

For me it’s ok to pay 10$ for another unlimited storage. I don’t think they match acd as the price is like google drive.

i wonder what kinda speeds they have and what kinda true size limits they have such as i dont think they could handles PB’s data but then again could be wrong.

Well, you can always mount the OpenDrive via WebDAV and then use the local rclone config:

Service conditions sound interesting and the API looks very good as well (chunked uploads, YEAH).

Anybody tried this yet?

Looks decent on the surface but we’ll see once someone actually gives it a whirl.

Here is the issue for this enhancement. IF this is something that appeals to people, vote by giving it a thumbs up.

Their free plan is useless for even testing it. I wish they’d provide an adaquate means to test without signing up. The free only has a 100MB file limit. :slight_smile:

I don’t think OpenDrive is a good stable option, the last activity Twitter/News/Facebook was from summer last year.

+1 for OpenDrive. I’d like to use rclone with it for some of my backup scripts.

They offer 0.5TB for 5$ (with 25GB daily bandwidth!!!). Yes, there is a 9.95 “unlimited” plan; does anyone feel like testing how much they had in mind when they meant “unlimited”? We really need somebody (or a bunch of different users with enough bandwidth and time to play) to just go ahead and test all those “unlimited” plans.

I’m testing their unlimited plan. From the Europe (and an home vdsl2 connection) I can download from their cloud at 70Mbps, it’s ok for my personal stuff.

I’m interested what happens once you have some TBs there.

From their support:

Thank you for contacting OpenDrive, the premier solution for cloud storage, backup and cloud content management.

Our unlimited accounts are truly unlimited for normal daily usage to back up personal or business files only. We do have a 10TB limit on the Personal Unlimited (25 TB for the Business Unlimited) but we typically do not impose this policy unless you are sharing/storing files that are infringing on copyrights.

We put these restrictions in place to keep people from trying to use our service to share and stream illegal videos and music, which puts a strain on our servers and disrupts access for other customers.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask. We would be happy to assist you.


However I have less than 8TB of stuff to upload (hoping for an rclone support this procedure should go easier since I still need a linux tool. No WebDAV thanks)

Sounds good as alternative for the sluggish (albeit cheaper but from the somehow trustworthy ovh) hubic.

Yes, I had the 10TB plan on Hubic time ago (dismissed after the 1st year of usage). This is certainly better, cheap but better.

So it’s now up to you @ncw

We have finaly a backup solution for our gdrive accounts and need only support for Webdav…

Why is it up to @ncw? Learn some Go and start cracking. That’s probably faster then waiting for one guy to make it all work for you :wink:

BTW: I am currently learning Go and started adding support for OpenDRIVE (via the API) in rclone. No promises, currently nothing more than a hobby but listing and downloading files works already.


Great job @olihey !!

I’m not that good at learning programming :frowning: