Open Drive Remote vs WebDAV Remote?

I have about 6TB on and have the remote set up as an opendrive remote with a crypt remote to encrypt the files.

My question is - is the opendrive remote in rclone simply webdav? Is there any benefit to just setting it up as a normal webdav remote or is the opendrive remote option somehow different than standard webdav?

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no, rclone uses opendrive api, not webdav.
see that for yourself, using -vv --dump=headers

yes, opendrive remote supports modtime and checksums verification for file transfers.
webdav for opendrive, lacks both features and is considered beta.

So perhaps it would be smart to keep using the opendrive remote for uploading since it verifies the transfers so I will leave that part.

Would download speed potentially be faster just using webdav in that case? I will test but if it has less overhead I might do it that way since it's just for streaming some video files

good idea, run the test, then can decide.


I can confirm best deal is to use the remote to upload and the webdav to mount/stream.

I created a new user within the opendrive account with its own credentials and mount that as webdav for the reading/downloading part. The uploading part is using the opendrive api remote with crypt but for some reason it's as slow as a snail like under half a megabit per second.

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