Onedrive Token Expiration Length One Hour

I have a Microsoft Onedrive account and had setup rclone to sync from it and this worked well about a year or so ago. A few months ago I saw it wasn’t working because of authentication failure and refreshed the token. When I look back at my logs I noticed how it never worked. I went to refresh the token again and noticed my expiry date/time was always one hour after refresh. I tested today and sure enough it truly doesn’t work an hour after I refresh. I’m guessing this is what happened a few months ago when I did my token refresh. I tried updating the rclone to the latest version 1.39 but it still only gives me a one hour token.

I’m trying to get the token using rclone 1.39 32bit on a Windows 10 machine.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

This will always be true. The tokens only last one hour. rclone should fetch a new one using the refresh token when needed.

This isn’t what I see - rclone uses the refresh token to fetch a new token and it all works fine…

The first thing to do would be for you to post a log with rclone -vv lsd onedrive: of the authentication failing, then we can start to debug.

I’m not sure what I was looking at / doing before but it does seem to be working now. Good to know that the tokens expiry date is normally an hour.

Thanks for the response and its good to get rclone working again.

Great - glad you got it working!