OneDrive to OVH - not server-side

Hi folks. I’m very new to this, please be witty if you can’t be nice. :wink:

I want to copy c. 1TB of video from OneDrive to OVH, using rclone (ideally + rcloneBrowser, because I forgot about CLI when XP came along…). According to the documentation, both providers support server-side copy - which is crucial as I have neither tons of upload bandwidth nor a server to offload the job on to - but when I start up the transfer Windows Task Manager tells me my upload bandwidth is maxed out so it seems to me that the files are being down/uploaded.

Could someone tell me what blindingly obvious thing it is I’m doing wrong? Please? :slight_smile:

Server-side copy would be OneDrive -> OneDrive or OVH -> OVH, if you copy from one provider to another rclone downloads the files to the machine where you execute the copy command and uploads it from there to the specified destination. I think you might want to rent a cheap VPS for this job if your bandwith at home is not sufficient.

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Thanks for this. I have now got a VPS from OVH to manage the transfer. (£3.30/mth, very cheap. :grin:)

Next question…rclone seems to be struggling with spaces in OneDrive paths:

I’ve tried single- and double-quotes. What am I doing wrong now?!

It’s OK - I was on 1.35 and it’s a known bug. I’m OK on 1.42.