OneDrive throttling limits?

Hello, I have started to use rclone today for the intended purpose of keeping a daily synced backup of my local files to my OneDrive (personal) account. My initial sync was going fine so far but then suddenly all my uploads crawled down to a halt and now it seems that my OneDrive account is no longer responding. I think I’ve triggered some throttling limit of some sort. I’ve uploaded about 75GB so far today, which I guess Microsoft might consider abusive?

Has anyone had the same thing happen to them? And if so, how long does it take before it goes back to normal? Thank you

EDIT: Thankfully it was back to normal after about an hour or so! Hopefully this won’t be a problem anymore after I’m done with the initial sync of everything.

Looks like Azure had some technical problems yesterday!

I guess that solves my mystery once and for all!

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