OneDrive sync never completes with SHA-1 corrupted transfer with latest rclone

I'm assuming you broke the file into 1 MiB chunks ie each 1048576 bytes long... so chunk 3419 will start at 0x356c00

The corruption appears to start at 0xd3ff7 and end at 0xd5b0c inclusive so it is 6934 bytes long or 0x1b16. In absolute terms it starts at 0x42abf7 and ends at 0x42c70c

If this was an rclone corruption I'd expect it to be one of

  1. lined up with the crypt blocks which are 64KiB +16 = 0x10010 bytes long, starting at 0x20, That corruption is in the middle of a block, neither at the start or end.

  2. lined up with the upload block size which is 320KiB for onedrive. The corruption is about 1/3 of the way through a 320KiB block.

So nothing which points any fingers at rclone internals unless I got my maths wrong! I can't think where a pile of base64 data came from either.

I guess the next thing to do would be to either find a bug which seems relevant or report a bug here: Issues · OneDrive/onedrive-api-docs · GitHub - I've had reasonable success reporting bugs and Microsoft fixing them here. I didn't find a relevant one but there may be one somewhere!

If we are going to report a bug then we need a reasonably reliable way of reproducing, preferably as simple as possible.

What is the smallest file we've seen the corruptions on? 134,217,728 seems to be it? I've made a script to upload a file continuously of that size until it breaks - let's see if I can reproduce!

Here is the script if anyone else wants to have a go



for round in $(seq 100); do
    echo --------------- $(date -Is) - round $round - $name ------------------

    dd if=/dev/urandom of=$name bs=1M count=$(($size/1048576+1))
    truncate -s $size $name
    sha1sum $name

    rclone --low-level-retries 1 --retries 1 -vv --dump responses copy "${name}" "${destination}"

    if [ $error -ne 0 ]; then
       echo "ERROR $error on $name"
	rm $name
	rclone -v deletefile "${destination}${name}"
    sleep 5

I managed to reproduce the problem quite easily with that script - it only took 14 tries!

I shall compose a bug report and I'll post the URL here when I'm done.


Your maths were wrong :slight_smile:

dd if=20220403._FastData.0.gz_ag\ 1.bin bs=1 skip=3585949687 | hdump | head -10
00000000  43 36 6A 7A 4C 6C 38 79 43 30 4E 65 63 77 37 49   C6jzLl8yC0Necw7I
00000010  6E 55 5A 39 6B 39 76 42 74 52 2F 6E 77 58 4A 64   nUZ9k9vBtR/nwXJd
00000020  33 42 50 78 71 70 4E 31 6D 42 5A 31 76 59 38 38   3BPxqpN1mBZ1vY88
00000030  7A 32 58 45 6E 79 47 6E 39 6B 62 63 44 78 50 64   z2XEnyGn9kbcDxPd
00000040  4C 58 55 49 72 39 4F 77 49 43 69 4E 63 66 33 64   LXUIr9OwICiNcf3d
00000050  57 50 69 50 5A 31 2F 6B 6C 4E 2F 41 76 50 38 6E   WPiPZ1/klN/AvP8n
00000060  32 38 65 4A 4F 44 43 6E 48 45 69 4C 4F 4B 46 36   28eJODCnHEiLOKF6
00000070  5A 59 38 32 31 73 74 64 50 71 55 4C 4F 43 39 76   ZY821stdPqULOC9v
00000080  32 36 56 75 31 42 55 76 72 72 63 71 6F 4F 38 58   26Vu1BUvrrcqoO8X
00000090  31 48 52 4B 50 51 43 6A 6D 66 75 4A 51 76 52 74   1HRKPQCjmfuJQvRt

So the absolute offset was 3585949687 or 0xd5bd3ff7.

But I think the rest of the analysis was correct, anyway :slight_smile:

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Here is the issue I've made: Files are corrupted sometimes when uploaded with multipart uploads · Issue #1577 · OneDrive/onedrive-api-docs · GitHub

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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone looking into this issue.

It's well beyond my expertise at this point so I have nothing to add beyond the fact that I appreciate all the effort being put in here to diagnose a (likely) Microsoft bug.


(Firstly - apologies for the deleted posts above!)

I've also been seeing these types of errors when syncing about 15 x MP4 files from my Linux machine to OneDrive. Each file is between 2.5GB and 3.7GB in size.

I decided to try a few different ways of copying one of the files that had been failing with rsync.

The first attempt was by uploading the file via the OneDrive website (via a Windows 11 machine - where the sha1sum was checked and correct). This seemed to work, but when checking the sha1sum via rclone the files were different. I then downloaded the file back to my Windows 11 machine and the sha1sum was again incorrect (but the same as the rclone sha1sum).

I checked this suspect downloaded corrupt MP4 file with ffmpeg which did indeed find errors. Also, comparing the MP4 file with the original file using 'cmp' differences were found. Doing similar checks with hexdump as in a previous post, showed a definite difference in the 'look' of the data at the point indicated to by cmp.

I am now attempting to let the native Windows OneDrive program sync a copy of the file. I'm not seeing any errors, but so far it has not been successful, and it seems to be on its third attempt now.

So to me this definitely looks like a OneDrive issue, and somewhat concerning that I managed to upload a file to OneDrive that seemed to succeed but was in fact corrupt.

Hopefully Microsoft will come back to you on the bug that was raised with them.

If I'm understanding you correctly then you managed to upload a file via the OneDrive website (and not via rclone) which turned out to be corrupted.

If that is the case that is important confirmation that this isn't an rclone bug.

I will try this myself. Unfortunately my upload bandwidth is very poor so this will take some time!

if you have a specific command, i can run it for you.

Yes - that is correct. Uploaded via the OneDrive website - not via rclone.

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OK here is something that you could try

First run this to create some test files. Feel free to create more or larger files.

rclone test makefiles --files 100 --min-file-size 128M --max-file-size 256M /path/to/testdir

Then upload /path/to/testdir folder to onedrive using the web interface

Then use rclone check /path/to/testdir onedrive:testdir to see if you got any corruptions. If not repeat!

Since my test case seems to be useless in the meantime, I did a check on the webupload.
I can confirm that 4 out of 100 generated testfiles have different SHA1.

2022/04/06 20:43:15 ERROR : sewewot7c/mefipuz7ka/qoyureb1ne: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 20:43:19 ERROR : sewewot7c/nubotog9x/lazapa: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 20:43:23 ERROR : sewewot7c/nubotog9x/xacuseb4: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 20:43:23 ERROR : sewewot7c/nubotog9x/luyif: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 20:43:24 NOTICE: One drive root 'testfiles': 4 differences found
2022/04/06 20:43:24 NOTICE: One drive root 'testfiles': 4 errors while checking
2022/04/06 20:43:24 NOTICE: One drive root 'testfiles': 96 matching files
2022/04/06 20:43:24 Failed to check with 4 errors: last error was: 4 differences found
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I had worse luck from Nick's suggested webupload test - 15 out of 100 failed:

2022/04/06 19:55:45 ERROR : kopogux8n: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:55:47 ERROR : senu: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:56:07 ERROR : gapexuc4/hozobic1: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:56:19 ERROR : sewewot7c/gokagic4ne: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:56:38 ERROR : rabokoh9pol/fuvutox: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:56:44 ERROR : lofu/deduz: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:56:57 ERROR : zebafep1lod/pofulum0qav: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:57:08 ERROR : gapexuc4/yanof: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:57:21 ERROR : sewewot7c/mefipuz7ka/poqacuq: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:57:23 ERROR : zebafep1lod/rubidoy0ro: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:57:41 ERROR : rabokoh9pol/zujavul2q: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:57:42 ERROR : lofu/sivaguc6x: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:57:43 ERROR : sewewot7c/nubotog9x/luyif: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:57:51 ERROR : zebafep1lod/xudaga: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:57:55 ERROR : qucad/zalecod5tev: sha1 differ
2022/04/06 19:58:01 NOTICE: One drive root 'Scratch/mnt': 15 differences found
2022/04/06 19:58:01 NOTICE: One drive root 'Scratch/mnt': 15 errors while checking
2022/04/06 19:58:01 NOTICE: One drive root 'Scratch/mnt': 85 matching files
2022/04/06 19:58:01 Failed to check with 15 errors: last error was: 15 differences found

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Nice, thanks for testing. Looks like the problem is confirmed to be with Onedrive.

I wrote that on the issue - lets hope someone gets round to looking at it soon as this potentially affecting all onedrive users.

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I'm reading through the issue here and on gitbub. @ncw said there

presumably there are thousands or millions of corrupted files people have uploaded to OneDrive over the period the problem was active. Will Microsoft be issuing a statement and/or contacting affected users?

Am I correct though that if all of my uploads were with rclone (and no flags to disable checks) that I should be fine? I definitely had the issues discussed here but on retries, it eventually worked.

You are fine yes. Rclone detects the corruption and retries the transfer just fine.

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Atlassian outage lingers, some customers fear data loss • The Register

"Three days ago, Nick Craig-Wood, creator of rclone, posted a bug report to the GitHub repo for Microsoft's OneDrive. "Sometimes (maybe one time in 20) multipart uploads of a 128MiB file get corrupted," his post explains."


Well let's hope they take it more seriously now.

My backup from today is still experiencing this issue. It's not yet resolved as far as I can tell..

It would be worth writing that on the GitHub issue and post the sha1 corrupted logs there.

Agree, it is already mentioned on the GitHub issue, so we just need the log.

@automaton82 not sure how well you understand the steps to troubleshoot this issue, so here is a little guide to you and everybody else experiencing “corrupted on transfer: SHA-1 hash differ” when copying/syncing to OneDrive even if the file successfully transfers in a following attempt/retry.

These are the three things we would like to see:

  1. An extract of your ordinary or debug log looking something like this:
2022/04/09 05:40:46 ERROR : somefolder/somefile: corrupted on transfer: SHA-1 hash differ "4ed4780309e547e848a6db94b3e563c89ddea7c3" vs "ab5b31734aaad82c6948c4e26b508831db5dd3cd"
2022/04/09 05:40:46 INFO  : somefolder/somefile: Removing failed copy
  1. The output from this command:

rclone sha1sum yourSourceRemote:somefolder/somefile --download

  1. Confirmation that you have access to your OneDrive recycle bin via the web interface and can see the file that was deleted in 1. - that is filename and time of deletion match.

Then we will return with (simple) instructions to find the information needed by Microsoft to troubleshoot the issue. We will need the original file and the uploaded file in your OneDrive recycle bin, so please don’t delete, recover or move them.

PS: If your log disappeared (or scrolled away), then we would still like to hear from you if you are able to see the deletion of the corrupt file in your OneDrive recycle bin.

Thanks for the information.

The backup that ran last night completed with zero errors. That's the first time it's done that in weeks.