OneDrive Impersonation?

Latest rclone 1.56.1

I have seen many different threads about OneDrive impersonation. I cannot find if this was ever built in. With the lack of information I'm finding, I'm assuming its not an option still, but wanted to double check with the community.

We are migrating some users and had a few issues using Bit Titan Migrationwiz, because of the user account having an 'old' personal account with the same username. This caused some manual permissions work to be completed but now the users have already changed their passwords from the migrations. I do, however, have a service account that I could utilize.

Thanks in advance!

It's not an option. Not sure an issue was ever made on github to request it.

The first step would be to make a feature request on github.

Thanks. I just submitted a feature request. (At least I believe I did it correctly. Text says to use the same template as if submitting an issue).

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