Onedrive for business - revoke rclone access token?

Hi there.
I wonder how to revoke rclone access to my onedrive 365 for business.
I know how to do it with personal onedrive.

I have searched and explored for hours and got no results.
Plz help me out :slight_smile:

Can't you do it from My Account -> Third party access -> then revoke rclone?

There is no "Third party access" in this case. It seems personal and business accounts operate on two systems.Because when I try to sign in my business account at account_microsoft_com, it says there is no such an account.
Also I just found someone asks Microsoft the same question in 2018. (I'm not able to post link here) It seems there is just no direct way to do it, as per Microsoft moderator

If you have Onedrive Business, app permissions can usually be managed in the office portal in the "App Permissions" section.

Thanks a loooot!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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