OneDrive for Business Rate Limit Test

I didn't use the template, because this doesn't really fit the template:

I want to use OneDrive for Business, but I've been reading about rate limits and issues. I want to run a stress test before I start using it heavily. I have OD4B through work, so I can use it as a test.

My question is: What would be a good way to stress test? Specifically with tuning the tpslimit and tpsburst?

@ncw Any tips on how to do something equivalent of a speed test for API rate limits?

My understanding is that Microsoft trottling is a bit random and inconsistent based on their load and what they consider fair use. I've been able to sync significant amount of data, just to do a way small sample the next day and get throttled all day, doesn't matter if big or small files etc. Definitely they do not like lot of checkers based on my experience.

Funny enough, it seems their Windows client is not subject to the same arbitrary limitations and does not get trottled at all.

I've heard the same about windows clients. I'd hate to have to use the windows client (then rclone crypt for the last mile).

I'll have 5 separate accounts so maybe i can isolate the most file intensive uses across the 5 accounts with 5 separate remotes with a union remote.

Apologies to piggy back off your post but I was wondering if your business plan comes with the so called unlimited storage ?
I have an E5 developer subscription and I'm currently trialing it out by syncing my data from Dropbox to SharePoint (limited to 25tb) and I also get these weird rate limiting randomly.

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