One Drive Error

I had a remote connection with rclone and one drive. I uploaded a 200gb files to One Drive and the next morning I couldnt access anything. I have the o365 family plan and I joined all 6 total one drive accounts together with the union account after making a connection with all 6 accounts. I couldnt access the union connection nor the other 6 connection.

It just weird that it stop working. I thought I took the error message down when I was doing troubleshooting. But the error message basically gave me an api link and said it wasnt valid. Has any else had this issue with One Drive? I tried to do some research on what their limit is for uploading but I was getting different answers. Does Microsoft just kill that api connection if the limit has been met?

hi, if you would answer the questions in help and support template, then we can better help you.

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