One config file for multiple remote rsync instances

Hello, everyone!

I have a question about copying config file to remote rclone setups. I’d like to create a config file on my computer, then upload it to a remote storage, and then have all rclones in all my locations (I have a few servers, not just one) automatically download them.

Might be worth adding that we’re talking about Google Drive here, if that changes anything.

Would that setup work or do I need to worry about something like token expiration?

I know that rclone can refresh access token on its own, but what if a new rclone setup encounters an old access token? Would it still work or should I setup config for every instance when I start it?

I’m talking for example about situation when I set up a new server in, let’s say, two months from now, with the config file that is two months old. Would it work? Maybe there is another way to accomplish what I need?

A new configuration only If you change the password

Really? Are you absolutely positive that rclone will be able to handle the tokens?
And isn’t the token independent of the password?

I have the same config since 6 month or more. Also you can re-check each month.