Official Support for the Android platform

I understand that the recent version of RCX have two trackers in the code:

Microsoft Visual Studio App Center Crashes
Microsoft Visual Studio App Center Analytics

I also understand that the user can turn off crash reporting. What about the Analytics, can the user turn off the user tracking analytics reporting as well?

I learned earlier from asdffdsa that 1.11.14 is completely free of all user tracking. I am grateful for this discovery.

I understand that crash reporting and user tracking is useful to you as a developer however it is definitely an anti-feature. For example, does this data go directly to you on a locally controlled server or does it go to the Microsoft corporation servers? Crash reports can contain a lot of sensitive device and user information and once the data is out of the control of the user and the developer and in the hands of a 3rd party it can be sold, shared with business partners, given away, hacked leaked, aggregated etc.

Why did you remove Analytics from your app and created one tracking free version then added them in again in subsequent versions? Would you ever consider releasing another tracking free version that respects users privacy?

Rclone is a user empowering technology and it appears that RCX version 1.11.4 is as well. I am glad we had this discussion and other users who value privacy and autonomy will be able to find this thread and use RCX version 1.11.4 as a second Android rclone non-root solution.

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