Not sure what to do about this verification thing in Google APIs

I'll skip the template for this question. It's about what I see at gsuite admin:

Is it talking about this logo? Is it me or the app maker they mean that should take steps for verification... What kind of verification are they talking about? That logo just showed up when I added rclone a very long time ago:

Everything works as expected still, and I hadn't noticed this until recently.

If I click verification button, I get all this:

Should I just give it rclone info I find via the website or? Kinda worried I'll do something wrong here.

Not a bad question at all!

You want to use your own information since you are using your own setup.

I use an internal app and majority of stuff is blank except for my email in there.

Ah. I made it internal now (a button further down on the credentials page) and all that nonsense went away. :slight_smile: Not sure why it was external in the first place, never intended or needed it to be.

Thanks for the tip!

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