Not geting valid token in v1.58

so i have seen this Remote Setup many times . i want to setup the rclone with gdive but i following all previous steps but this time i m not getting a valid token

trying to understand.
are you trying to run rclone on a headless machine without a web browser, yes or no?

Yes its my linux server where i want to upload my backup

if the linux server is headless, does not have a web browser.
then you need to follow the instructions in that screen snippet you posted.

so on a machine with a web browser,
need to run rclone authorize, get the token,
then copy/paste the token into the headless machine.

I have followed all these instructions but i m got getting a valid like rclone v1.57

there has been a change between v1.57.0 and v1.58.0
now there is a new way to do it,
just follow the instructions from that screen snippet you shared.

this has been discussed a number of times in the forum.

Can you please write the all steps for me at that time i m very much confused please

just follow the instructions, in the screen snippet you shared.

please see this image i have 2 servers 1. where i have run all the commands as you given above and In 2 nd server i run only rclone authorize "drive" this command but last 10 minutes its not giving me any token please help to out this

please help to out of this problem

as per the instructions, need to run rclone authorize ..... on a machine with a web browser.

but sir I have both headless servers and when I m trying to open this link in my PC its shows google not found anything

well, you did not mention that until now.

on your PC run rclone authorize "gdrive"
then, using the web browser, login to google

rclone authorize "drive"
2022/03/25 15:18:00 NOTICE: If your browser doesn't open automatically go to the following link:
2022/03/25 15:18:00 NOTICE: Log in and authorize rclone for access
2022/03/25 15:18:00 NOTICE: Waiting for code...
2022/03/25 15:20:04 NOTICE: Got code
Paste the following into your remote machine --->
<---End paste

showing this

that is not the correct command.
just follow my example from above.

please tell me from the begining

that is the command to run on the PC

can we use any other medium for communication please send me mail at please send hi

?? what happend sir please help me out to this problem