--no-traverse deprecated in 1.40 without an alternative?

I noticed when I upgraded to 1.40 that the --no-traverse switch is deprecated. This switch was hugely beneficial for moving a small # of files to the remote without having to traverse the entire remote’s contents.

There’s a new --fast-list switch but it doesn’t work with Google Drive.

Now without --no-traverse when I’m moving a single file to my GD, I get tons of 403: User Rate Limit Exceeded errors as rclone traverses the entire remote. I don’t know why that’s a requirement to move one file.

Does anyone know why this switch was removed, and how I can go about getting the same functionality back? I’m concerned that it’s going to result in bans from GD.


Me! It stopped doing anything after I recorganised the syncing code to work directory at a time. It’s function was to stop a complete scan of the destination when doing a copy - that no longer happens.

That isn’t supposed to happen any more - what is your command line? rclone should only traverse the destination directory.