No stats on beta build?

I’ve installed the latest beta on Ubuntu 16.04 but I’m getting no stats output by default or when supplying a value yet it works fine on the stable.
Is it supposed to not work or a bug?

you need to add -v the flag system changed.

New logging flags

–log-level NOTICE (default)
-v or --log-level INFO
-vv or --log-level DEBUG
-q --log-level ERROR

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i had -v to my mount string but i can’t see statistic during rclone sync operation.
this is my mount string
sudo /usr/sbin/rclone mount --umask 0 --allow-non-empty --allow-other -v --max-read-ahead 200M acd_crypt:/ /home/XXXX/media &

output it in log file it will be there

Ok but if i want to see what is doing live, the velocity of transfer and which file he is copying is not possibile without output to the log file that force to have 2 sessions? In the beta 55 that i have previously it work.

Thank you @Ajki that works great, sorry if i missed it somewhere.

I apologize but I have found the answer. You need to add -v to rclone sync command

Yes that is rignt. I’m trying to make rclone quieter by default. -v will now show the info most people are interested in. Use -vv for debugging.