No dropdown menu in settings


I'm a new user of rClone and when following the Space Invador's tutorial realised that I am missing the "File to edit" dropdown menu on the left side in Unraid's rClone settings.

From that menu I supposed to be able to choose options such as "config", "rclone custom script", "mount script", "unmount script".

I have a different menu instead, which allows me to choose branch.
So I did, move to 1.60.0-beta.6433.ce3b65e6 but the menu is still missing.

Appreciate any suggestions.


hello and welcome to the forum,

we have some rcloners that use unraid.
i suggest that you change the title of your topic to include unraid, to attract more attention.

as this seems not to be a rclone question, might want to post at the unraid forum.

I don't see Edit title option anywhere. :frowning:

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