Newbie Help: Gdrive to OneDrive

Hi Guys,

Hope someone can help here, if not please point me in the correct direction.
I am a complete newbie with rclone.

I have a seedbox that i have 2 mounts running fine with rclone.

One is google drive the other is onedrive.
I want to move everything from my google drive into my (empty) ondrive account.

I havent a clue where to start, i can use ssh if i have direction. But at the moment I have searched for this and cant really understand what I need to do.

So i just want all files from Google drive copied to Onedrive.

Thanks in advance


hello and welcome the the forum,

when you posted, there was a template of questions to be answered.
hard to give specfic advice without that basic info.

no need for rclone mount, can use rclone copy

Hi as mentioned complete newbie to this.

I have managed to use the copy command and its in the process of copying files to my onedrive.
May i ask, does my server copy the file from gdrive save it local then upload to onedrive.

Or is there a way it moves from gdrive > onedrive direct?

file transfer is done in memory, no local storage used.
rclone will read the gdrive file as a set of chunks, and transfers the chunks to onedrive.

no direct.
to avoid using local internet connection, rent a cheap cloud vm and run rclone on that.

Thank you. All copying well. just waiting on 4TB moving over its on a 10gbps connection

for future readers:


Import your content from Google Drive, Dropbox, and more to your OneDrive account.

Import personal files and folders directly from these locations.

Google Drive

OneDrive (personal)

OneDrive (work or school)



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