Newbie asking rclone copy integrity/consistancy

Hello folks,
I am working on rclone copy between my local disk and google drive. It’s really great and working so well.

my colleague asked me 2 questions and I hope I can answer him confidently with a formal answer, they are

1, if we do it (rclone copy) many times, meaning ctrl-C in the middle, encounter network outage,etc), will it be ok for the last partial transfered file? how well it resume a broken redo transmission?

2, even with normal rsync copy (without interruption), for each file that rclone copies or syncs, how does rclone decide that file is 100% sure identical
(compare size? modify time? any checksum (how))

Thanks in advance


Yes, it will check the size and/or the chksum and retransfer.

depends on the remote type. You should read the documentation on the remote you are using. For google drive, it will use chksum unless you are using crypt over google drive. In that case, it will use file size and time.