New to Rclone - question on feature

Hey Guys,
new to Rclone,
I am looking to backup my onedrive to USB drive, would Rclone allow me to do that ?
is it only from local to OneDrive?


Hi, welcome to the forum.

Sure, rclone works:

  • local to local
  • local to cloud
  • cloud to local
  • cloud to cloud

Agree and a very basic command to do a backup from OneDrive to a local USB disk on D: would be something like:

rclone sync myOneDrive: D:\myBackupFolder --ignore-size

I have added --ignore-size to work around some typical issues with Live photos, office documents etc.

Your first step would be to use rclone config to setup myOneDrive.

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Thank You very much,
I am just in the process of setting (trying) for OneDrive Personal

One more question (hopefully) , rclone seems simple enough once I get around the way its been designed.
is there a way to retain the original file creation dates when copying.


No, rclone doesn't retain creation dates.

You can find my explanation in this thread:

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