New to rclone. Config file = decryption key?

Hey everyone!

I was initially pretty intimidated by rclone upon first downloading it as I didn’t have a lot of experience with command line programs. After reading the docs and watching a few tutorials I managed to setup a crypted remote to my google drive and successfully uploaded all my sensitive files encrypted. I feel like a have a pretty decent grasp on it now, however my apologies if I get any terminology wrong.

My question is:
Is my config file basically my “key” to decryption? If I copied my config file and put it on another PC in the default path, would my files download decrypted? If I were to lose the config file somehow, is there a way to recreate it using my chosen password and hash?

Thanks for your time!

Correct. It has your keys in it

Not unless you know the passwords you used when you created the config. If you know them then yes you can use them to create a new config. Give it a try.


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