New server - convince me to switch from Plexdrive 5 back to rclone : )

i've always been a "if it ain't broke don't fix it" kinda guy..... and with my hetzner server of a couple years, ginormous gdrive encfs encrypted library (E3-1270V3, 32gb ram, 2x480 ssds in raid 0) everything has run perfectly. near instant startups of up to 4k 80mbit files. smooth playing of everything... i hesitate to switch from whats been working.

but if i'm gonna try/experiment, now is the time. switching to a much better server over the next few days. (i7-8700 Hexa-Core, 64gb ram, 2x1tb nvme)

the only thing i've ever had a slight problem with is library scan times, after the days long initial scans, plex is fast, emby is not... if i could reduce the scan times and keep the perfect playback it might be worth switching to rclone (that and plexdrive is abandoned so i worry it eventually won't work with a new ubuntu release)

i have a plexdrive/encfs/rclone for upload/unionfs merged media dir setup atm....

i don't need the unionfs merged dir... don't care if stuff isn't seen until i upload and don't use sonar couch potato etc.... tried removing that layer from my current setup but try as i might i could never get plex or emby to see the media folder mount no matter what i tried with unionfs layer removed :frowning: but i do wonder if that layer is responsible for the slow library scans??

the only odd thing about my workflow... is that i often have to move files around on my gdrive.... currently i can do that in a gui file manager by moving/renaming stuff on the decrypted gdrive mount... and i'm not sure i could still do that with an rclone setup?

so someone convince me to switch... and recommend a command to use/settings, i'm willing to give it a shot before i get to far into the new server build.... : )

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