New remote for Aliyun

Hello, I’m the Chinese who want to use Rclone to manage Aliyun,some time ago I ask you some questions on github.
Now I can almost use all the functions,but there are some problems with sync,the following is a description of the details:
Inside the bucket
When I first synced the contents of the bucket to the local,it can be successful.
first sync
When I second synchronized,the folder in the local will disappear.
second sync
When I sync again,The folder appears…
It just keeps repeating.
This problem only occurs when synchronizing between local and bucket.
I feel helpless,I do not know how to start solve this problem,what do you think which part has problem?

If you run rclone with -vv it should tell you what is happening.

Are you luolibin in this issue?

If so what I really need is to try your code - can you make a pull request - that will mean I can see your code and we can collaborate on getting it ready for release.

What you need to do first I think is make the tests pass, so follow these instructions in the contributors guide, starting from “Unit tests”. Work through the unit tests until they all pass - that is the way I write a new remote. Once all the tests pass then your remote is nearly done!

Yes, I’m luolibin ,I will make a pull request on github.

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I will try to do it.

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