Nested union mounts

Happy New Year!

I’ve been playing with rclone union, and it works pretty well thank you. If not too difficult, would it be possible to have an option to let Team Drive unions be nested by TD name rather than combined at the root level? An example:

A TD called TV: has tv series in subfolders, e.g. TV:Friends, TV:Breaking Bad and so on.
A TD called Movies: has movies subfolders, e.g. Movies:Star Trek, Movies:Shrek and so on.

If I create a union of TV and Movies called Media: then it creates subfolders Media:Friends, Media:Star Trek and so on, mixing TV and Movies subfolders.

For now the fix is easy, I drop everything down a level. TV:TV/Friends, Movies:Movies/Shrek and so on. Then the union works perfectly well.

If it isn’t too difficult, it would be great to have a switch/flag in the union setup that shows the first level folders as the original/contributing TD names. i.e. If I create a union of two TDs called TV and Movies named Media then the contents of Media would be Media:TV, Media:Movies and so on.

I can see good use cases for both situations - wanting a root level merge and sometimes a TD level merge.

****NOTE: This particular example is for read-only use. I’ve also played with more complex layers, combining read-only parents with a nested writeable TD for differential uploads. But that’s a different topic. :slight_smile:

I see what you mean. This would be more like mounting a remote in a particular place in the union. It is possible of course - want to help implement it?

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I would love to help implement it. Alas my programming experience more or less ended with Pascal, preceded by Cobol, Fortran, Algol and RPG. :flushed:

i like this idea