Need to merge undecrypted with encrypted

is there a way to merge my unencrypted media with my new encrypted media. i was unaware of the benefits of encrypted media so i have a 258tb of unencrypted media lol. is there a way i can use my unencrypted and just start now with encrypted with no penalty? i am using this for my mergefs:

hello and welcome to the forum,

you must create a new crypt remote and then copy/move each and every file into that remote.
not way around that.

when rclone copies an non-crypted file a crypted remote, rclone, on the fly, encrypts it.

may i ask whats the command to copy the folder to the encrypted folder, also is there a way for me to use my gdrive for now while i move media to encrypted so plex can see it?

there is not command per se.

  1. create a new remote of type crypt.
  2. copy non-crypted file(s) to the crypted remote.

when rclone copies a non-crypted file to a crypted remote, rclone will encrypt the file on the fly.
when rclone copies a file from a crypted remote to a non-crypted destination, rclone will decrypt the file on the fly.

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