Need technical clarification on --checkers

Does --checkers control the list-calls to the API (in other words, more checkers list faster but produce API calls quicker)


Does --checkers only locally multithread on the CPU the process of comparing the file-lists once retrieved?

I would like to know for the purpose of knowing if I should tweak the number on my config. Yes I know the default 8 is good for most setups, but my setup is atypical and may benefit from a bit of tweaking if it does in fact generate more API calls.

When running sync/copy/move --checkers controls the number of directories being listed simultaneously.

Rclone also uses --checkers as a general measure of how parallel should this operation be, so for instance when deleting files, how many deletes to do in parallel.

Wheras --transfers is for how parallel we make the upload or download of files.


No, rclone is doing the lists concurrently.

It depends exactly on what you are doing... --checkers doesn't make a lot of difference when you are using rclone mount for instance/

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Thanks! That matches my own experimental observations, but I wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

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