Ncdu: support saving and restoring

I know rclone goes for 'no additional files', but this would be quite useful to me.

  1. When ncdu-ing and you get an error, rclone quits ncdu, bringing your progress to 0. Not exiting when this happens would be nice, but if this happens, being able to recover/resume from the state (say after rate limits are honored or network changes are complete) would be wonderful.

  2. Listing files takes long and who likes to wait. I'd like to have cron list everything daily and then afterwards be able to instantly ncdu everything.

I think this problem will be solved by caching eventually.

You could use the cache backend today, but I'm working on something better!

You could also run an rclone mount with the appropriate cache intervals then run rclone ncdu on that.

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Thats sounds great!!

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