My Recommended Google Drive and Plex Mount Settings - Updated 6-Mar-2019


1.43 (update hasn’t been brought to Unraid yet).

@BinsonBuzz is using the exact same mounting script and he seems to be not having this issue. I think I will create a new API and configure my rclone mount again.


I tested with your mount options with 1.4.3 on Linux and can’t reproduce the issue with the same mount commands. I wonder if it is something Unraid related.


The plugin downloads the latest version of rclone when it’s installed - just uninstall it and reinstall to update


Just had a look, deep analysis (in scheduled tasks i assume), is turned off. And no files have been synced.

The only thing I can think of is the fact I scan my library every 30 minutes, and I have a lot of new content being added (I have about 1400 TV shows being monitored in Sonarr- yes I’m a hoarder!).

I’ll reduce the buffer and see if that makes a difference as this server has a 1gbps connection. Although I would have thought that even with a large buffer, it’ll only ever download whatever is being streamed?

Like I said, 85 streams occured over 2 days (I share with my family) which would equate to 16GB per file, when in reality, most files streamed are in the 2-4GB range.


One thing I’ve seen depending on the plex player, it does at times open / close files repeatedly depending on what the player is. I wonder if the bigger buffer is making that an issue for you as it might open it up, read a bit, close it, rinse/repeat.


Ok thanks - I’ve reduced the buffer to 64MB, will see if that helps.

I also have the Plex Transcode Buffer set to 300 seconds - I wonder if that isn’t helping either?

What do you have it set at?

Also what app are you using to monitor your download stats on the server - that looks handy breaking it down into hour/day/week etc


The transcode buffer only happens if it transcodes though. The majority of my stuff direct plays so it’s never used. I use 15 minutes or 900 seconds.


Wow how big is your library (in TB)? (If I may ask)


Thanks to you and @BinsonBuzz again! What a night… My Pfsense box crashed after an update so I had to reïnstall that. Then I tried to update the Rclone plugin (thought it would auto update), which failed. Turned out my Pfsense with PfblockerNG (like pi-hole) was blocking which failed the plugin installation.

So now I made a workaround for it and could finally update to 1.45 and using the -rc command now works and directory gets populated. Just tried some playbacks and I’m back to 3-4 seconds again with -rc on. So I’m very pleased with that. I think maybe my plugin got corrupted or the version caused problems on Unraid and 1.45 fixed it. Who knows… I’m glad it works again.


Yeah unfortunately a lot of my family transcode (internet is crap here in Australia).

I’ll see if the rclone buffer reduction makes any difference. If not, I’ll reduce the transcode buffer in Plex.

Can I ask what download monitor you’re using? Looks handy


Library is around 110TB from memory. I share my library with about 25 friends and family and you’d be surprised what they watch!


Wow 110 TB that’s a lot! (all on GDrive?)

You are making me really curious now :smile:

(Can you recommend good TV shows (comedy) ? With 1400 shows you maybe know a good one that I missed)


Just a lot of old, random stuff. For example, my wife is currently watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch :roll_eyes:

As for comedies, that’s a tough one, very subjective. I don’t actually use the server much, everyone else does!

Anyway, probably best to get back on topic! :wink:


Interesting. Here is server the server network activity when streaming a 10mbps file (7GB), transcoding to 4mbps.

It downloading approx 10x what it’s outputting- which doesn’t match the above scenario. (10mbps in, 4mbps out)


When the buffer is filled, it’s still downloading significantly more than it’s outputting:



Some more interesting activity. Nothing was streaming when the network activity on the right occurred.


What did occur though was the addition of a new TV episode, and Plex then proceeded to process the whole TV show:


That activity over 1 minute equates too approx 2GB. Are we sure RClone doesn’t download the whole file when it’s added to the mount from another server?

Here is the Plex logs from that time period:


When Plex scan a TV show, it doesn’t do an episode, it refreshes the whole series to my knowledge so that’s normal, but that should only check file/timestamps if everything is analyzed.


What buffer size would you suggest is suitable for me?
I got an QNAP NAS and upgraded the RAM to 16 GB


You can always just leave it as the default value and see how that works out. I’m more of the mindset to start small and work up if needed.


I’ve been looking at your setup, and I’m highly interested in it. The dedicated server I will be using is a;

i7-7700K with 2x 480GB SSDs + 1x 4TB Drive. 250mbit up/down unmetered. I download everything to a VPS + BlockStorage and then move it to the cloud. Everything on plex / sonarr / radarr / lidarr is read-only for the most part, minus the media info. I can’t post my information right now because I’m in the process of moving / starting a new life but I’ll be bugging you in the near future.

I download my “linux.iso’s” to buyvm, $3.50 vps for sonarr/radarr/lidarr and deluge. I then run a script once every 8 hours that just uploads those 3 directories, and then deletes it after it was successful. I let my series seed on the buyvm box because storage is so bloody cheap, and my daily tvshows/movies are downloaded off of FeralHosting.

I’ve been having a lot of problems with load times, and with movies/tvshows playing. Some people have no problems, others have TONS. My brother can’t even watch plex. It seems to be the server/plex setup.


Could be many things. Without knowing your config, it’s hard to guess.

Question gdrive limit