My Recommended Google Drive and Plex Mount Settings - Updated 6-Mar-2019


I can’t force that, I’m on the latest version of the repo.

@BinsonBuzz should be on the same version as we are both running Unraid Rclone beta from Waseh. Strange that it works for him and not for me.


I had to add --rc-addr= where that’s the IP address of my unRAID server

rclone mount --rc --rc-addr= --allow-other --buffer-size 1G --dir-cache-time 72h --drive-chunk-size 32M --fast-list --log-level INFO --vfs-read-chunk-size 128M --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit off gdrive_media_vfs: /mnt/user/mount_rclone/google_vfs


Sorry to be annoying. I’m getting this error:

2018/11/06 16:10:42 NOTICE: Serving remote control on
2018/11/06 16:10:42 Failed to rc: connection failed: Post http://localhost:5572/vfs/refresh: dial tcp connect: connection refused

Rclone mount is:
rclone mount --rc --rc-addr= --allow-other --buffer-size 1G --dir-cache-time 72h --drive-chunk-size 32M --fast-list --log-level INFO --vfs-read-chunk-size 128M --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit off gdrive_crypt: /mnt/user/mount_rclone/Gdrive --stats 1m & is my Unraid server’s IP

See anything weird?


Have you opened port 5572 open?


Where? In my router?


If you change the port, you have to modify the command running as well as it’s trying to connect back to localhost.

You’d have to add in the:

–rc-addr=IP address you configured


@BinsonBuzz you are also using Pfsense yes?

Did you add a rule on your WAN for port 5572? And did you also put it in port forward under NAT, or not?
Anything else you configured? I keep getting connection refused.


Yep pfsense - if I don’t add 5572 to my list of local allowed ports (between subnets) I get error messages.


Ok I got it to work. I opened the ports on my Pfsense to my Unraid. And I also removed the rc-address part of the mounting since that just caused problems. Now the logging says:

06.11.2018 18:00:55 INFO: installing and mounting rclone.
2018/11/06 18:00:55 NOTICE: Serving remote control on
“result”: {
“”: “OK”

Seems to be right?


Yep that’s what i get. I’ll try removing the address bit again when I get home, but I definitely needed to open the port on pfsense


If you are running rclone and the commands locally on the same box, where does pfSsense come in?


I’m looking at doing this myself with the --rc command, but do we need to open that port on our router for it to work? Running headless as well.


If you are running the rclone command on the same box as the rc, your firewall/router would not come into play.

If you are running rc and using it a computer on your internal network at home, you wouldn’t need it either.

If you wanted to expose it to the internet, you’d have to turn on auth and port forward on your router (I wouldn’t do that personally).


sorry my fault - for my setup the port needs opening internally to be accessible by other LAN devices


Following that pfsense guide I’m sure I’ll be in the same boat eventually. Thanks for that.


Pardon my unfamiliarity with the move command. If your upload script runs while something is still writing a file to local data directory, does rclone know to wait for or skip that file until it is done being written to? I’m trying to determine if I need to add the min-age flag to only move files that are older then a few minutes.


It would see the file being modified and not move it and generate an error on that file.


Perfect. Makes total sense. Thanks for sharing this setup. After struggling to get mount and the cache backend on Windows to work nice with Sonarr and the like, moved it all over to CentOS and it feels way more solid.



I am using the same mount options as in your scripts on github and I setup a cronjob at night so it uploads stuff if there is anything new in my folders.

Now I only have one more issue, Plex is not automatically detecting those new files in my mounted gdrive.
(also if I manually iniate a scan it takes very very long, did I miss something in my setup to speed it up ?)

Is there something that I am missing ?

P.S. My streams need 5-7 seconds to start is there anything I could do to speed it up even more ?


Did you change paths? Did you let the first scan finish completely? The first time is caches the directory/file structure would take a few more minutes, but should be speedy after that.

With the 5-7, are you direct playing the media? Are you using unionfs or mergerfs or playing directly from the mount?