Multiple TeamDrive

I just want to say 1 thing - Multiple teamdrive is added like space was added in matrix upon many users' for discord server like featurenin matrix.
I hope a angel come and properly implement multiple teamdrive in rclone. Requesting formover 2 years. I don't have how many more years will it take

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I'm sorry as I am not sure what you are asking for. Can you perhaps describe it a little better?

Short answer: Multiple Teamdrive support in rclone is poorly implemented unlike Airexplorer, Raidrive, Mixplorer.
I'm not asking the dev to work on it since its their choice. I just don't like it and disappointed. Please don't ask me to submit a patch. I'm not go developer.

I hope you understand it

That really doesn't help much as I have no idea what those products do and if your goal is a short answer, that's why you didn't get much traction on your question as it's not fully explained.

If you don't want to explain what is missing with some details, not much will happen as you've seen.

I can explain. Sorry. Do you use any other gdrive client than rclone?

I don't use Google Drive at all.

Sorry unfortunately not possible to explain you

You can't explain what's not working and you are hoping someone is going to fix it?

If you don't use google drive. Its not possible to explain you

Ok. Not sure much will happen then.Good luck!

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