Multi remote on the same folder Rclone and PlexDrive

I try to set up my server like :

  • /mnt/plex_crypt mount by using plexdrive
  • /mnt/plex_s mount by using rclone mount (read only) with /mnt/plex_crypt as remote
  • gdrive the remote in rclone which is the same mount in plex_crypt
  • gdrive_s the remote in rclone which i use to copy file in it

Everything works fine but when i start copy a folder (100Go with multi sub folder), my /mnt/plex_s mount point is stuck for instance if I try to ls it’s stuck. But I can ls with (rclone ls remote) or I can ls /mnt/plex_crypt (during the copy) .

No log :confused: I will try to add -vv to the mount point.

Maybe I should open an issue in Plexdrive repository but first I prefer to ask here