Moving from Cache to VFS - Plex Streaming Recommended Settings

How much media are we talking here? The refresh shouldn't take all that long.

Right, but this was before he realized he needed to add user/password (or something like that LOL).

gdrive is about 130TB
circa12,500 movies (with multiple versions 4k/1080 etc)
circa 1,200 tv shows (36.5k episodes)

Yeah, that shouldn't take longer than perhaps ten minutes at the most. I find that the refresh time varies, not sure why. Mine can take anywhere from four to ten minutes. This is with close to 900TB :scream:

ok good to know thanks for that. 900TB :scream: that's - errrrrrr quite "healthy"

That's why my doctor says I'm not allowed to delete anything...

thats an incredible dataset, id love to understand it more if you are willing to share (dm).

Thank you for your help btw. your commands are currently getting done across my new server with new "non-cache" rclone. I trust that I wont hit API limits and speed issues using your recommendations but if so i will start a new thread referencing this anyway.

With a brand new scan, you might run into issues, but it's unlikely. Let us know, yeah.

As for the dataset, it's as straightforward as one might imagine. Just years and years of hoarding.

Hi mate, seem to have a few issues with what is happening with the cache of the above.

as you can see the refresh runs and executes appropriately, however inside the TV\The 100 folder there is nothing in there.

Here is rclones web GUI of the same location

and for completeness here is the mount:

Isn't "this_one:" your old cache? You should be mounting "decrypt:", no?

i redid the rclone config after speaking with you earlier.

Ah, gotcha. Let's pick this up tomorrow morning my time (PST). It's getting late here...

Let us know if anything changes. Also, to my untrained eye it looks like you're still doing all this in Linux. Didn't you say you switched to Windows?

thats correct -but i have a few boxes I'm working on (linux my primary box and windows being a second box I'm working on - its a dual headed piece of work :slight_smile: )
no problems at all - I'm happy to rechat tomorrow. thanks very much for your help thus far.

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So, anything new today? Explain the problem to me again, if you don't mind. The way I understand it is that running a refresh makes your content disappear. Is that just one particular folder? Did you run the refresh on your entire library?

Morning :slight_smile: so the issue i had was a lot (lets call it 100?) directories /mnt/gdrive/tv/ShowName existed, but the folders and files under eg /season x/episode x, didn't after doing the forced cache refresh.

i tried a few more times and nothing seemed to help, so in an effort I killed the whole rclone mount and remounted and they appeared. I reran cache update and it is still there now.

Not sure if I just got unlucky with a random bug or not but might be useful to be able to force the cache rebuild which also deletes any existing cache entries incase they were corrupt?

Sounds odd, yeah. Just keep in mind, if everything works correctly, there will only be cache entries saved in RAM. Unlike the VFS file cache, priming simply keeps file and folder metadata in memory, but not on disk. In return, this speeds up listing and scanning.

If everything works on your end, I'd remove the old cache remote entries in the config file entirely.

Thanks, i have removed the cache entries in the config now as I have seemed to be getting a level of success (still have them in a backup).

Good to know about saving in RAM vs On Disk - thanks for that I presumed it would have saved it on disk in a .cache or something similar. Therefore the first time mounting (after a reboot or whatever) must take a while to index the drive if it has nothing to recall from?

It takes a few minutes, depending on how much it has to index. For my hoard, this can be anywhere from 4 to 10 minutes. Once indexed, it stays like that until you quit the mount. If you change things on the mount, you'd have to re-run the refresh command in order to get those changes indexed. If your poll interval is higher than 0 (which it is by default), changes made to the mount will still be reflected, just not indexed immediately.

Yes thanks. i have also worked with another mate and have developed a script which when something gets dropped into the gdrive location that we use mqtt to send a message of the path where the new show/movie is. Taking that message, we input that into a manual plex library scan command so it just updates that folder. I am then doing a catch all for a full cache refresh at the end of each week with cron.

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just wanted to point out that vfs/refresh can scan a directory.

Otherwise pass directories in as dir=path. Any parameter key starting with dir will refresh that directory, e.g.

rclone rc vfs/refresh dir=home/junk dir2=data/misc