Moving from an encrypted Onedrive to another Onedrive account

Hello guys,

I need to move my rclone encrypted files from a Onedrive account to another one, again on Onedrive.
Let's call them Onedrive1 and onedrive2.
I know how to do it, but I have some doubts about encryption.
ondrive1 files are encrypted with onedrive1 credentials, so I can move them to onedrive2 without encrypting them again (in other words, I can create a plain remote onedrive2 without crypt and then move files to it). But what happens when I would need to decrypt those files now moved to onedrive2 but encrypted by onedrive1?

What do you recommend as best practice?

Thanks in advance.

Say you have remotecrypt1 and remote2.

Encryption and decryption is all handled by rclone so you don't do anything special other than:

rclone copy remotecrypt1: remote2:

and the decryption happens behind the scenes when it copies from one to the other. You can use a new encrypted remote2 as well if you want with different keys as it doesn't really matter to rclone.

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